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{img source} Get it? The dogs are getting to know each other?

In planning our wedding, I’ve struggled with feeling awkward about throwing a party in our own honor. Traditionally, weddings were put on by the parents to celebrate the happy nuptials. That makes sense to me, in a party-throwing sense (certainly not in the whole handing-over-the-woman-as-property sense). It’s acceptable to show off your offspring!

The F and I are footing the bill for our shindig, so we’re essentially throwing ourselves a party, which feels strange. Call me shy, I guess (there’s a first time for everything).

*light bulb goes off*

Or, we can be throwing a party for our guests to thank them for being so wonderful and supportive to us while introducing them to each other! Marisa’s people, meet Joey’s people.

My family lives in New Mexico, while the F’s family lives in Knoxville (as do we). He visited with me last Christmas and met my whole family, and I’ve met his, but they’ve never met each other. Our friends haven’t met our families, and our neighbors haven’t met our friends. We have these amazing groups of supportive people, all segmented. Very sad, don’t you think?

A new theme is born: Getting to Know You! {You obviously can’t see me bouncing around, but I’m giddy with excitement. It. All. Makes. Sense. To. Me. Now.}

Our invites can read something like:
Because you’ve loved us and supported us, we’d love for everyone to get to know you and why you’re so special to us. Join us as we get married and combine our lives and our people! {Ed note: a little heavy on the “love,” I know. It’s a draft!}

The RSVP can say something like:
Will you be attending? {Etc, etc}
What’s your favorite song? Clean, please!
What’s your favorite drink?
How did you meet the {bride} and {groom}?

We can continue the theme throughout… yay!

Getting to Know… The Couple

  • Baby/ kid pics – the F loves this, and I have the BEST bad hair day school picture from the 6th grade. I’m always willing to sacrifice my rep for a good laugh.
  • Bios. I imagine a collage of little cards with descriptions of us haphazardly displayed … some way other than a poster board. Our closest friends can write out their contributions and tack them up with push pins. I love push pins.
  • Funny/ insightful stories. You know, the stories your family always trots out when a little tipsy and having a good time? Like the time you told your grandmother that she had a rear the size of an elephant’s? Cut me some slack, I was three!!
  • Our favorite foods as snacks and on the buffet. I love Chick-Fil-A. Tacky? Who cares. I also love french fries (love me some potatoes). The F loves chicken pot pies (swear), roasted chicken, and steaks. I make a great salsa and guacamole that our friends always request.

Getting to Know… The Families

  • Clothespin lines with pics of each of our families

  • A family tree… on an actual tree!

  • A special drink named for each of our three siblings (Celin-tini, Rudy-ale…?) or parents. My mom and stepdad love margaritas. My dad drinks bloody mary’s.

  • Family recipes on the buffet. My mother’s mother made the world’s best refried beans. My father’s mother LOVED Hostess cupcakes.

Getting to Know… The Friends

  • Pics of each person as their place cards, attached to an envelope with a personal note from us inside. {I can’t find my link, but I KNOW I’ve seen the guest picture idea somewhere}.
  • A song selection contributed by each friend on a mix CD that we gift as favors

  • Favorite drink recipe at the DIY bar. I love Fat Tire beer (hooray for finally getting it in this part of the country) much like Mrs. Peacock at Weddingbee (photo by Thorsen Photography). The F likes James Bond martinis — more in theory than in practice, but still….

Getting to Know… The Neighbors {we have a fantastic neighborhood, and we’re all very close}

  • Map of neighborhood with a pic of each neighbor corresponding to their address

  • Wedding pictures or stories from each of the couples on our street. Many of them are elderly and have lived in their houses since they got married in the 50’s.
  • A flower from each of their gardens in my wedding bouquet.

This is very exciting! A theme that doesn’t require me to match colors! And that is sentimental, meaningful, and fun!

Your turn. Did you do anything special to help your people get to know each other? Any suggestions for how to arrange a meeting of the families when they live across the country from each other? And, be honest: am I getting in over my head in terms of projects? (I do this all the time. “Great idea! Yay! Oh, what do you mean, 100+ hours of work?”)


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