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Posted on April 1, 2009. Filed under: reality |

I’ve had a few(!) makeup trials, mostly at department store makeup counters.  Here’s some of what I’ve learned/ suggest to those of you considering DIY bridal makeup:

  • Contrary to popular opinion, I’d recommend putting on your own makeup before heading to a makeup consultation or trial. Laura may disagree, but I’ve found it helpful to be able to say, “I was thinking about doing my makeup like this.  What do you think?”  Plus, if you’re looking for one specific product, you can see how it fits in with everything else.  The woman helping me with concealer noted that I needed more eyeliner; the sweet girl helping me at Sephora pointed out that I needed more blush.
  • Wear white. Seriously.  You will look different than when wearing a color, and if you change into white from turquoise, you will discover that maybe you need more color.
  • Ask for advice. “What do you think about my eyeshadow?  Should I put it here or here?”  People are always willing to offer advice.
  • Have the consultant do one eye/ cheek/ half of your face, and ask to do the other yourself. How many times have I gotten home and loved it, then failed at recreating it myself?  Many.  It’s like homework – you don’t know what you don’t know until you try it yourself.
  • Meet a friend after to get an opinion, but don’t tell them in advance. If you get a “Whoa, you look GREAT!” you’re on the right track.  If you hear, “Hi!  What’s with the makeup?” then maybe not on the right track… or it could be that they’re used to seeing you bare-faced in sweats.
  • Don’t tell your fiance what’s going on, and gauge their reaction. When I used a peachy powder blush, my guy remarked on how pretty I looked… out of the blue.  I’ll be holding on to that blush.
  • Check the store’s return policy on cosmetics — even if you thought you knew it — each time. I am in the habit of grabbing whatever newfangled cosmetic I’m curious about at Walmart because historically you could return it if you didn’t like it.  After buying like $40 worth of random cosmetics and not liking any of them, I discovered they’d just changed their return policy.  ARGH.
  • Sephora is awesome. Liberal return policy, a plethora of options, and pretty experienced consultants — and they don’t work on commission or quota, so no need to feel bad if you decide not to purchase.

Any other tips you’d offer?


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