Celebrate Good Times, COME ON ALREADY!

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“Yea!  Time to party!  Woo, hoo!

Oh, wait, what?  Pictures, right.  Well, okay, we’ll take pictures.  But THEN WE’RE GONNA PARTY! Right? Can someone check the schedule?  Right.  Okay.  Good.  That’s definitely right.

Here we go.  Um, what?  Picture list?  Yes, I did one.  On my laptop.  Which is upstairs… ooookay then, we’ll make it up as we go.  Let me think.  Man, I wish we had booze down here. I need a drink.

Girls first.  Smile pretty!


Okay, now the girls with the mister.  I think I saw something like this on a blog once.  {Note they all have the good sense to look slightly embarrassed.}


Now the guys.  Look suave.  (They reply: “Riiight.”)


If you can’t look suave, then look tough.   1713

Not quite. I have an idea!  I saw it in a blog (quit rolling your eyes, blogs are cool).  Really, it’ll be fine.  On the count of three, jump.  Yes, jump.  Yes, in the air.


1… 2… 3!

1715 1716 1717

See? Fun! No, you’re not finished yet.  No, not yet.  NO, NOT YET.  Let’s get the dads in here.  Yes, all of you.  Yes, now.  YES.  Thank you.


Now I want you to jump, just like the guys did before.  {The dads look delighted slash ambivalent.  The groomsmen are ready to go.  The mister looks every bit of the ham that he is.  See his dad just to the left?  It’s hereditary.}1722







Yay!  NO, NOT FINISHED YET.  Let’s get everyone together.  Smile.  Yea, that’s nice… but not quite right.  Not… cheesy enough!1729

I’ve got it!  Make a funny face!  Now!


Yay!  One more time! 1732

It’s working!  Last one!  {This is my favorite.  And in my opinion, much more worthy of framing than the “say cheese!” ones.}


Now all the parents.


Annnd… switch! {Ah, the things you do when your parents are divorced, just for the sake of fairness and diplomacy.}


Groom’s family next.  No, my family can’t leave yet.  Yes, I heard you the fifth time, so if you’re not related to either of us, you are free to go.  Sorry, sibs.


Oy.  These men and their posed expressions.  Thanks for smiling, SIL.


And, again with the expressions….


Moving ON.  My parents, please.  Mom and Stepdad, you first.  OH! Watch your step!  {The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She laughs with her whole body. I’m pretty happy about that.}1754

That’s better.


And now the siblings with the parents.  {To my brother: Heh, heh, I know, this is crazy, right?  Oops, we’re supposed to be smiling.}

1762 BW 1763

And… switch!


Okay, folks, you’re free to go.  Have a drink, hang out, wander around and we’ll be ready to eat shortly.

1768 BW 

No, honey, not you.  We still have to take pictures.  Because it’s our wedding.  Because we want to remember this day.  BECAUSE I SAID SO.  Ahem, with love…? Or else I will bite you…!” {He doesn’t look terribly upset at the prospect, does he?}


Next up, the Cheeses take pictures alone.  Imagine the possibilities….

All photography by Angela Herzog of Angela Herzog Photography (www.angelaherzogphotography.com) unless otherwise noted.  Asterisks (*) indicate that post-processing was done by me, and thus, should not be held against her.  See this post for more details.

Late to the party? See previous recaps here:

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Part V: My People, Part II


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2 Responses to “Celebrate Good Times, COME ON ALREADY!”

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You are so funny!! Great pics…you look stunning.

Amy Jo – thanks (especially since I went a different way with the telling of this story, since there wasn’t a whole lot of sentimental going on). And glad your cat made it home! I know how stressful it is to be on the hunt for a missing kitty. Ugg.

Where's The Comment Form?


    I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt (and divorce papers) to prove it. Here I am again, pledging my life to my (new) love with eyes wide open (and heart racing) knowing full well how emotionally traumatic this can end… and doing it anyway.


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