Love/ Don’t like… wedding-planning edition

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Love… waking up to a poured and mixed cup of coffee.

Don’t like… waking up.

Love… the man who brought the coffee.

Don’t like… waking up.

Love… puppy kisses and wagging tails.

Don’t like… muddy paws.

{Oh, yea,  I called this the “wedding planning edition,” didn’t I?  Oops.}

Love… that in a month, this will all be over.

Don’t like… the list of stuff to do in less than 20 days.

Love… that soon I’ll see my family and get to show them my home, my dogs, my ‘hood.

Don’t like… that I’m worried and nervous and full of fluttering freaking butterflies.

Love… telling my guy all about it (talking and talking and talking) and feeling better.

Don’t like… the amount of painting left to do.

Love… the amount of painting that’s finished.

Don’t like… rain!  I have a garage and porch to paint!

Love… the garden we finally got around to planting, and the drainage that keeps the front yard from being a mud pit.

Don’t like… writing big checks.

Love… that we have the money to back the big checks.

Don’t like… that primer doesn’t wash out of hair as easily as I once thought.

Love… that life is getting fun again, that we’ve figured out how to combine the fun-ness of our early dating months with the getting-shit-done of the last year.

Don’t like… that primer doesn’t wash off skin as easily as I once thought.

Love… that I get to pick up my dress on Friday.

Don’t like… that primer doesn’t wash off dogs as easily as I’d hoped.

Love… that my mama sent me two! more! shrugs! (this time in two shades of pink).

Don’t like… primer.

Love… that my dad sent me a whole folder of baby and family pictures and I got to share my story-in-pictures with Mr. C.

Don’t like… those darned fluttering freaking butterflies taking up residence in my gut.

Love… the weight I think I’ve lost due to the freaking butterflies.

Don’t like… my racing heart when I count the days until our vows.

Love… that almost every dollar spent on our wedding will be for things we get to enjoy before and after that one day.

Don’t like… finding storage for all the dinnerware.

Love… seeing my guy in a suit.

Don’t like… shoe shopping for a guy.  So hard!

Love… being in love, be it schmoopy or silly or sentimental.

What are you loving/ not liking?

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Wedding planning is like a never ending Monday morning

Posted on April 13, 2009. Filed under: general |

I have hit upon the perfect analogy for wedding-planning, and you know how much I love a good analogy.  The epiphany is almost good enough to improve my morning, in fact.

You know how, even after a relatively relaxing weekend, you just can’t get going on Monday morning?  Despite two cups of coffee and a real desire to get out of the doldrums, your brain can’t think of the right words and your eyes keep wanting to close?  You remember having a bazillion things to do when you finally stopped working on Friday afternoon, but you can’t think of a single thing that seems critical right now?

And do you ever feel, on Monday mornings, that you have all the time in the world to get things done, so maybe you’ll just ease into the week by reading a few blogs and catching up with your peeps about their weekends?  And you know (oh, you know) that at some point, you’ll be slammed with everything all at once, but right now, you’ll keep believing it won’t be so bad?  And that the weekend is so. far. away. that of course you’ll have plenty of time to get everything done, how could you not with five whole days to fit it in?

Wedding planning is like a Monday morning.  Friday’s to-do list seems like it was so long ago and much less urgent (invites, what invites?).   I’ve done alot of daydreaming but haven’t gotten a whole lot accomplished and I just know it’s going to whack me over the head anytime now.  Ugg, I get antsy just thinking about it.

So in true Monday morning fashion, I’m going to avoid it altogether by doing something else entirely.

Anyone else feel this way?

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Bright Ideas from YOU!

Posted on October 25, 2008. Filed under: general |

I’ve had such a great time since I joined Weddingbee a few weeks ago, and that’s because of YOU!  You’ve been supportive, related to my struggles, offered advice, and said, “Show me the RING!”  You are fabulous gardeners, editors, fiances, and wives — judging by your comments — and you’ve shared your experiences, suggestions, and requests very generously.

{I know, I know, I’m gushing, but what can I say?  You guys ROCK!}

So, this post is just for you: bright ideas you’ve suggested, thoughts you’ve offered, and pictures you’ve requested.  Here we go!

More haircut pics, with a hat tip to AliCherri1 for being the first to ask.  Yes, I take pictures of my own hair so that a) I can see the back and b) I can point to what I do and don’t like when I go to the hair stylist.  I’m picky (but I prefer to call it meticulous).  For the e-pics I straightened it; normally, it’s wavy and I let it air dry.

Many of you requested more info on my ring, which I posted here, then You requested a hand shot, so here you go.  Incidentally, does anyone have any tips for taking pics of jewelry?  This one is pathetically blurry but the best I could get.

Hat tip to julieulie for offering a unique solution to the last name dilemma I posted about here:

So, long story short, I legally hyphenated. I know it’s not for a lot of people, and my last name is now long — too long for a lot of forms. But, it gives me the option of picking and choosing. Of course, for all important paperwork, I go by the full hyphenation. But professionally, I can keep my maiden name, which is tied to my publications. And in my personal life, when we someday have children, I can sign their permission slips with just my husband’s last name — the name my children will have. I can use either name, or both together. Aside from a really long name (and a lot to sign on credit card receipts!), it wound up being the best solution.

Sure, I’d rather have just kept my maiden name, and my husband would have rather me just taken his name, but marriage is all about compromise, right?

I embarrassingly missed beaninca‘s request for info on the jeans I wore in my e-pics (so sorry!).  They are from Banana Republic and because I’m five foot nothin’, I had them hemmed.  I don’t know the style, but if you’re interested, I’ll check the tag.  I’ve had them for years and worn them everywhere, so I do recommend.

Miss Fondue noticed that I forgot to post the e-pic that is most Knoxvillian (the fountains at World’s Fair Park)!

Notice how the mister ditches me to escape the rising water?

Sakarina, in response to my post about highlighting my culture at our wedding, mentioned adding tamales to the menu… brilliant!  My family makes tamales every Christmas so this is an extra special tradition for us.  Thanks!

And I have to say, a special place is reserved in my little heart for the garden and landscape suggestions you’ve offered.  roseskier1, tberry, Sara, and Vicki posted detailed thoughts and suggestions that I’m in the midst of researching.  SO appreciative.  RenaissanceTrophyWife gave me this great link on organic gardening, Lindsay did something similar for her own wedding (check out her site!),  Jen was kind enough to give me advice from another southern bride (Kentucky!),  tberry weighed in with her experience, and BA suggested these:

Sweet peas! source

And, how can I fail to mention that you were SO with me all the way in helping to pick out a wedding dress.  Because you rock, and because I now have an extra wedding dress in my closet, I will pay shipping if anyone wants to take it off my hands for a mere $140.  I’ll double check the size when I get home from Seattle (business trip), but I’m pretty sure it’s a bridal size 10.  Eames lounger not included (sorry)… but I’m taking offers on the puppy (kidding)!

Whew!  What a wild and amazing ride it’s been already! Thanks again, y’all, for taking this cheesy bee into your communities and being ‘net friends.

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Miss Cheese

Posted on October 14, 2008. Filed under: general |

Um, hi. *blush* I’m the newest bee over at Weddingbee… !

I told the newly christened Mr. Cheese while sitting on the couch last night, and he was very proud! I’m not sure he has any idea what this means (yet), but I’m relieved and happy that he’s excited too.

Of course, now I have much decision-making-angst. Should I start referring to “the F” as Mr. Cheese? If I don’t, this site will flow more naturally. If I do, I can call him “Cheesy” or “Cheese doodle” or “Cheese Puff.” Decisions, decisions.

More importantly… yay! I’m a bee! Miss Cheese!

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Hello, world

Posted on August 2, 2008. Filed under: general |

Hello, hello! Is there anybody out there? Anybody like me? Are there any brides out there getting ready to get married… (*gasp*) again? The Wedding Industry seems to gloss over the fact that many of us have been married before, and despite failing at it (too honest?… too bad!), we’re finding the hope and courage to try again.

While many of our challenges are no different than any other bride’s (see: family dramas, dress sagas, woe-is-me-I-can’t-decide struggles), we do have unique ones. How do I find peace with my past failings? Is another big wedding appropriate? What if he’s never been married, but I have? How do I deal gracefully with the memories of my first wedding? Can I, should I, must I wear a veil?

I don’t know. Do you? I will be figuring it out as I embark on this journey with my (new) beloved, eyes wide open (and heart racing), knowing well what personal emotional tragedies might befall us but forging ahead all the same.

Hi, my name is Marisa and I am a Repeat Bride.

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    I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt (and divorce papers) to prove it. Here I am again, pledging my life to my (new) love with eyes wide open (and heart racing) knowing full well how emotionally traumatic this can end… and doing it anyway.


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