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So, back before I unsubscribed to wedding inspiration blogs, I saw this on Junebug Weddings:


Oh!  The very first wedding dress I was smitten by, before we were even engaged, was this one (and I can’t find the source to save my life, so if you know it, please speak up!):

manuel2source unknown

Something about that ruffled collar makes me swoon.  So, when I saw the picture in my blog reader, I sent my mom an email that went something like, “Hi, my favoritest dearest mom in the whole world.  Have I told you how much I love you?  Can you make me a shrug like this {the first picture}?  I would try it myself but that seems like a bad thing to attempt for the first time with only two months to go.  Love, your favorite oldest daughter.”

And I kid you not, within fifteen hours (eight of which she spent at work), I got this:

0325092239Forgive the quality of the photo; it was a cell phone picture.  More importantly, HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS MY MOM?  That pretty little shrug was designed, materials sourced and sewn in less than a day.  One. Day.  I can’t even pick out a paint color in a day.  And it’s silk shantung.  *swoon*

Go on, scroll up to the first picture and compare, then come back.  Don’t you wish you had my mama now? (Sorry, had to gloat a bit to make up for all of the times I’ve come here, sad face on, to confess that I suck at something.)

I will share more pictures when I receive it in the mail and commence to dance around my house in it, promise.  I’ll even put on other clothes on first so you don’t have to scream “ARGH!  Put some clothes on!”  In the meantime, there’s a lesson: if you’re willing to ask, you’ll often get responses beyond your wildest dreams.  So maybe inspiration blogs aren’t so bad. 😉

{Oh, yea, and while my mom doesn’t have a shop or store or webfront, she’s usually willing to help a girl out — even if the girl isn’t related to her.  PM me if you have a need that an awesome sew-er can fill.}

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A Year In Review: 2008

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I have a tradition of my very own for New Year’s Eve, one I’ve had for as long as I can remember.  Every year, I look back at the past year, at the things I’m grateful for, at what I’ve learned, and what I’ve succeeded at and where I’ve failed.  The next day, after recovering from whatever partying I might have done (full disclosure: almost never anything terribly exciting), I put together a few goals for the next year.  Not resolutions, mind you, because I fail at those, but personal goals.

For 2008, I wrote:

  • Talk to Mr. Cheese, even when it’s hard, even when I really don’t want to, especially when I’d rather walk away (even for a little while).
  • Pet my cats, anytime they ask, long enough for it to matter.
  • Refrain from spending money exorbitantly, impulsively, when other people are involved.  {I’d just spent over a hundred bucks on cookie making supplies for a small get together, and was feeling bad.}
  • Do the cash thing.

Last year, somewhere along the way, I vowed to live my life more honestly, with more genuineness and fewer lies, even the small white ones.  I did it! This year, I vow to live my life with more awareness and joy, with less worry and regret.

I mostly succeeded.  I’ll always struggle to communicate (always have), my cats will always want me to pet them longer than I do, I’ll always wonder if I should have spent money after I have, and sometimes I’ll forget to withdraw cash.  But I have been more aware this year — of both the joys and pains of life — and my regrets have been short-term and fixable (like apologizing for raising my voice or not being understanding pretty soon after doing it).

I won’t know for sure what my goals are for this year until tomorrow, but in looking back, I am very grateful to you, this fabulous community of women supporting each other in moving through life.  I have greatly enjoyed sharing my life with you and have appreciated that you’ve shared back.  Our discussions on “the hard topics” have been interesting, inspiring, and soothing.  It’s nice to know that you’re not alone, isn’t it?  You all rock, you give me hope, and you remind me that we live in a world full of wonderful people.

I think that I’ll want to live the next year in the moment, free from worries about things that don’t matter, with a firm sense of my priorities and what matters most: people, family, love, kindness.  I’ll probably vow to be nice (even when I’m not feeling nice) especially with my guy, because even though we’ll always have things to work on and get through (that’s life, after all), with him is where I’m meant to be, and I’m terribly grateful for that.  And, while I’m finally living honestly, genuinely and with awareness, I’m not yet doing it gracefully – I’ll want to find more grace.

So thanks to all of you and best wishes for your new year.  Be safe tonight, and let me know what your goals for the new year are!

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    I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt (and divorce papers) to prove it. Here I am again, pledging my life to my (new) love with eyes wide open (and heart racing) knowing full well how emotionally traumatic this can end… and doing it anyway.


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