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Shoes Schmoos

Posted on March 31, 2009. Filed under: the goods |

I almost completely forgot to blog about this, what with the chaos of ripping up our front yard to fix the drainage system and trying to get invites out the door.

I bought shoes!


They’re happy, comfy, and will match my bouquet (um, maybe)… yay!  Oh, yea, and ON SALE.  For less. than. thirty. bucks. including. tax.  Score!  I’ll change into them after traversing the path to our ceremony site (which is now lined with gravel courtesy of my man).

So, that’s the good news.  The bad news is that I left my comfy Cole Haan ballet flats, which I’d planned to wear to and from the ceremony site, on the hood of my SUV and drove off, not noticing the situation until a SHOE FRIGGING FLEW OVER MY WINDSHIELD INTO THE ROAD.  Sigh.  I was running late and the road was busy so I was unable to rescue my shoe.  We shall see if I can tomorrow.

Anyone else done a dumb (shoe -related or otherwise) thing lately?

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Quick and easy Save the Dates

Posted on March 17, 2009. Filed under: the goods |

Back before I started obsessing over fonts and stressing over text, I threw together our Save the Dates in about 10 minutes.  They’re not the most amazing, unusual, surprising or unbelievable Save the Dates, but they are cute and they were quick.  And cheap.


That’s the front, created by adding a single line of text to one of our engagement pictures.

stdbackblurredAnd here’s the back.

I used VistaPrint and am very happy with the quality and price.  I signed up for their email specials, and while they do spam you a bit (Daily emails?  C’mon!), you can dig through them all to find the best deal when you’re ready to order.  I only paid for shipping.  Yup, I got 100 full color postcards for $12.00!

So there you go.  You can, if you so desire (and have the skills) make fabulous Save the Dates, but if you lack either and have one great picture and 10 minutes, you can have happy ones.

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Posted on March 9, 2009. Filed under: the goods |

First, thank goodness for those of you who are already married and still read Weddingbee.  Bless you, love you, can’t wait to be just like you. I need your help.

For those of you who wrote your own vows, how long did it take you?  Did you wait until just before your wedding day to write them or did you tweak your drafts over time?

I think that mine are written.  *GASP*  I know, me, Ms. Procrastinator has something done ahead of time, and (get this) with very little drama.  I’m finding it difficult to believe too.

But I was perusing my blog and I found this post written last August.  And, well, I think I’m done!  Now, on to invitations, place cards, table numbers, programs, seating charts, music, and the ceremony.  And groom/ groomsmen attire.  And updating our wedding website…. Sigh.

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Makeup Trail, part dos

Posted on February 20, 2009. Filed under: the goods |

So after the last makeup trial, I decided to go back to MAC again, this time requesting eyeshadows with not a chance of red pigment in them.  According to the woman at Aveda, many women have reactions to red pigments, so staying away from purple or reddish browns might help my itchy ‘lids situation.

Again, no before pictures.  Trust me, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to gasp and point and laugh when you see these.  Note: when you go in for a makeup trial, WEAR WHITE!  I know, duh, right?  First I wore hot pink, then I wore blue… as Meatball would say, “No bueno.”


Meh.  Not bad, not great.  Cheeks are a little, “Hi, how are ya?”  Eyes are slightly, “Helloooo there.”  Oh, yea, and that pimple on my chin says, “AREN’T YOU OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW NOT TO PICK AT YOUR FACE?” (The answer is obvious, no?)


Then there’s this angle.  Um, no.  Aside from the fact that I smile crookedly when I’m faking it, it’s just… no.  Gray eyeshadow reads blue on my skin and it’s a little too 80’s for me.

So, dear friends, we went from not dramatic enough to overly done.  Bummer.

Funny story: we had a crazy day on Sunday night when our older dog ingested a horrible and unknown substance that almost killed him. (This’ll get funny in a second, hold tight.)  He stayed overnight at the wonderful University of Tennessee teaching hospital’s intensive care unit.  By Monday morning I knew that he’d recovered completely (yay!) so I was killing time before I could pick him up and decided to keep my MAC appointment.  Anyhoo, things were nutty around our house after work that day.  I was running around getting Beau reintegrated (for some reason every animal who leaves has to deal with being sniffed up and down by every other animal upon their return, cats included) and the mister was doing everything else.

My guy suddenly remembers that he hasn’t kissed me hello, and moves toward me all puckered up, then stops.  “Whoa!” he exclaims, all concerned and worried.  “What happened to your eye?”  Note: not eyeS, eye.  He thought it was a bruise!  I explain that I’ve had my makeup done and that this is a “classic smoky eye look,” expecting him to reconsider his reaction.

“I don’t like it,” he says. “You look bruised. Can you just look like you do every day?”

HAHAHAHA.  Um, no.  Sorry, buddy.  It’s a sweet idea, but it ain’t happening!  I work from home, remember, so it’s a special day if I bother to comb my hair, much less wear real makeup.  Most days I use moisturizer, a bit of concealer and some blush.  Let’s just say it’s not exactly camera-friendly.

So, it looks like I’ll be doing my own eye makeup; back to Aveda to purchase eye shadow.  I will, however, be using the MAC foundation and setting it with a little powder.  I bought the newest hydrating full coverage foundation and I really like it.

Will you be doing your own makeup?  How have your trials (and tribulations?) gone?

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My secret source

Posted on January 29, 2009. Filed under: the goods |

I have yet another secret to share with you.  If you, like me, are trying to have a great home or backyard wedding on an extreme budget, you will love me.

It’s a fabulous place where you can get basic stuff that you need for very little money; so little, in fact, that you might be tempted to buy your glassware and tableware rather than mess with renting them.  Because, dear friend, while renting dishes sounds like it’s the best thing ever, it’s not.  Before you return said dishes, you have to wash them.  Um, what?  Yes.  Wash. Well, okay, technically not “wash,” since you don’t have to use soap, but you must remove all food particles and ensure that they are “eye clean” before returning them.  Swear.


Given that, spending a fraction more to avoid dealing with it all seems worth it, at least to me.  And we all know what a cheapo I am.

Anyway, back to my point: this place is awesome for gals trying to plan simple, meaningful, straightforward weddings with a minimum of madness (and thus, vendors).  And when it’s all said and done, you can keep them.  You never know when you need to throw another party for 80 people, or when you just want to throw a dish.

Here, I’ll show you.

img_0921Terrible picture.  Bummer.  However, how cute are those plates?  And who doesn’t love glasses all lined up and ready for imbibing?  The mister digs the pilsner glasses on the far right; I’m debating etching them with our monogram.  The big wine glasses on the far left are my favorite.  We’ll buy some of the goblets in the dead center for non-alcoholic drinks and margaritas, totalling somewhere near 120 glasses for 80 people.  I heart glassware, and these will be perfect for parties in our future — there’s that “lasting” thing I was going for.

Here’s a (terrible photo) closeup of the plate, 80 of which are now sitting in precarious piles in my dining room:

img_0833‘Scuse the background… that’s the stainless steel countertop in the room with the most light. The green is slightly brighter, more of an apple green.

Where’d I get ’em?  The Dollar Tree.  For. One. Dollar. Each. (Just in case you weren’t sure how that worked.)

Honestly, I just buy a few dozen every time I drive by and have an extra 10 minutes.  Grand total: $200 for 80 plates, 40 pilsners, 40 wine glasses, and 40 goblets, all of which we can reuse.

Wanna see more goodies that I’m debating buying?

Wouldn’t these be perfect for our sundae bar?  The only reason I didn’t buy them is that they seem a little too small.


These will hold more ice cream!


Vases.  They’re not exactly the shape I wanted, but heck, they’re cheap!


These bud vases are sweet.


Do you have any secret sources for inexpensive supplies?  And does anyone have any tips for somehow mimicking (or importing or copying) the design from the dishes onto my invites?

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    I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt (and divorce papers) to prove it. Here I am again, pledging my life to my (new) love with eyes wide open (and heart racing) knowing full well how emotionally traumatic this can end… and doing it anyway.


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